New Rule Wizard "move to folder" choice causing crash

Just upgraded to EMC v10, specifically EM Client v10.0.3115

EM Client freezes in the following situation.

New Rule > Rule Wizard > “Move messages from someone to a folder” > Next
add the address of a domain as someone, then save and close > Next select folder in the preview and EM Client freezes and has to be closed using Task Manager.

Choosing the folder on the initial preview screen with no pressings of Next causes the same behaviour.
To confirm the behaviour I tried a different rule which includes a “move to folder” step with the same result. Finally I tried to edit the folder choice on an existing rule with the same result.


It is not a crash, but rather the window to select the folder is opening, but is offscreen.

Hit ESC to close the offscreen window, then cancel the Rule setup and exit eM Client. Change your display resolution to a lower setting. Start eM Client and try again. You should see the window this time.

When done, exit eM Client and return the display resolution back to what it was, and restart eM Client. The next time you create a Rule like this the window should be visible.

Thank you for the rapid response and your diagnosis is correct. As I have two monitors I was able to shift the folder choice window to the other monitor (shift+WinKey+left arrow) and continue from there. Thanks again.