New rather dark theme in eM Client colours: DarkBook-eM


As I was unhappy with the themes I found, I did begin changing the one that had the most potential for me (thanks for Dark Frost!).

Its not perfect, but very usable for me. Check it out, perhaps somebody else likes it.

And I am open for hints and tips, there are some things I did not find:

  • the colour of srcollbars
  • the colour of the border of the settings window
  • the text colour in the contacts data sheet list (which I hardly use…)

Best regards

After changing all colours to red I realised, that the scrollbars and the frame of the settings window still looked the same…
They are definitely not accustomable with the theme. The frame of the settings window is part of the windows settings, but the scrollbars I do not know. I guess I will have to live with it :slight_smile: