New problem with V7.2: very slow to read emails with linked content

V7.2 takes far longer to display emails that have linked content inside them (i.e. most commercial emails).  Others have commented in related threads (such as the delayed “mark as read” thread).

Hope you can fix this soon - it’s a bore waiting ages for each email to display.

It is interesting, Steve, to hear other’s experiences. For me it seems that 7.2 has improved when it comes to linked content.

I’ve got a 50M broadband connection and a top-notch PC, so I don’t think the bottleneck is at my end, but it is possible the remote server hosting the linked content is slow to respond.

The “problem” seems to be intermittent, so I do wonder if the problem is elsewhere and not with eM Client.

Always a difficult thing to diagnose if it is intermittent, but my first thought would be the remote server.