"New messages on top" not working

I’m about a week into the trial here. I’ve spent about 30 minutes on this issue this morning and I’m going to give up and make a post about it. I don’t have any more time to spend trying to figure this out.

There are a few ranty posts from a few years ago where people are complaining they can’t view the latest email at the top. But I see a setting for this now, however it is definitely not working.

Set default date order: New messages on top is selected.

But I need to scroll to the bottom to see the latest email.

Is there something else I need to do here? I’ve burned 30 minutes of my day on this today. Thanks for any help.

Just a thought… After you set the “new messages at top” did you click on the “Save & Close” button?

Thanks for your reply.

It was on by default.

Just for fun, I switched it to new messages on bottom and then saved and then to top and saved.

I do believe this changed how the current email is sorted.

However there is a threaded view type in eM Client that is different than other email clients I’ve used. (I’m in my mid 40s and I’ve used quite a few email clients).

There are compressed threads stacked on top of the current email. These date backwards with the oldest on top.

So if I click on an email, I see the latest. But if I scroll up I see older folded threads.

Every email I click on and then scroll up I see older folded versions of the conversation at older dates.

I guess this is working as intended now.

Even though on top was selected by default (from what I remember)… selecting bottom > saving > changing it back to top seems to have fixed the issue.

There is still the matter of the folded views on top of the latest message, but at least the latest email is in the top now.

Maybe this isn’t a bug… it’s a feature… and I just need to get used to it.

Ok update,

We have a real problem here. The threaded views are a bit of a mess.

Client sends me an email at 9am. I reply at 10am.

Client replies at 2pm.

My reply isn’t in the current threaded view, it’s in the folded one above.

In the bottom open threaded view it is just their 9am reply and their 2pm reply. Mine isn’t in the middle.

However if I open the folded view above, my reply is there but their 9am and 2pm reply aren’t.

I love everything about eM Client but I can’t work like this! I would really appreciate some quick support on why this is happening and how to fix this.

Why isn’t my reply in the open thread, why aren’t their replies in the folded thread above? Why do I need these folded threads at all?

I need to see the clieint 2pm reply… then my 10am reply and then their 9am reply all in order to make sense of my day.


I am looking at another email that has been going on for a year.

When I click it the oldest is at the top. I have to scroll to the bottom to see the latest.

I click “set default date sort order” as new messages on top or new messages on the bottom it’s the same. I have saved and restarted it’s the same.

I installed mailspring to test it out and it has the correct view. New messages at the top.

I’m looking for a paid client here… eM Client looks great. But I’m lost trying to keep track of long emails. Guess I will run the trial out and use Mailspring in the meantime.

Thanks for any help if you can.

It sounds like this is related to the “Conversations” view. I do not use that view and thus am unable to help other than suggesting you turn that view off.

I am sure someone else will jump in here to offer some assistance.

Yeah, I’m finding that out… with conversations on the latest are always at the bottom.

There is another thread about this bizarre eM Client behaviour.

If you turn conversations off you can’t see your own reply in the email thread so I’m always questioning if I sent a reply or not. I need to see my reply so I need to have conversations on.

But with conversations on… the newest is at the bottom. So a 5 year email will show the last email first.


I’m really sorry, but if this isn’t a bug, it’s a feature, then it’s a dealbreaker for me.


Yeah, I’m finding that out… with conversations on the latest are always at the bottom.

Are you talking about the “Preview Pane” view newest at the top sort order in conversations when you click the Subject.


If i have conversation view enabled and (just click the subject), the latest dated conversation message in the Preview Pane below it shows “at the bottom”.

However if i open the conversation by clicking (the number) on the subject line part way across, the latest dated conversation message is “at the top”

So are you wanting the latest dated conversation message (in the Preview Pane) to also be at the top ? and not just be at the top when you open the conversation ?

There are times when I click on an email with conversations and it takes me to the newest email.

But if I scroll up, there are older conversations above it.

There are also times when I click on an email with conversations and it takes me to the beginning at the top to an email from 3 years ago.

The whole concept of emails being above the newest is wrong to me.

I’m just going to give up here. This is the way eM Client works. I appreciate the opportunity to have a trial. But the way conversations work is not for me. I will move on to something else and stop fighting this.

I would then propose to program eM Client (as an option in setting) so that when you click on a subject with conversations, that the preview pane below it (allways shows the latest dated message at the top) and all older messages in the conversation (are at the bottom of the preview pane), just like how eM Client does it now when you open the actual conversation by clicking on the number in the subject line.

I just found another post in the forum where people have been bitching about this for 6 YEARS!

If they haven’t fixed it by now, they never will.

I’m just going to use Mailspring.

In the message list we certainly show the conversation with newest messages at the top in the thread view. You will see that when evaluating the application, but because it is a Pro license feature, if you activate a Free license, the thread view won’t be there.

But in the message preview, we display the messages in the conversation in reading order; so oldest at the top.

Thanks for your reply Gary.

Reading order in an email is conversations on the bottom. That’s how it is with every other email client.

Nobody, ever (ever) looks at the last email in a 5 year email thread. They all need to be folded up at the bottom of the conversation.

I find it painfully frustrating that eM Client is such an amazing email client but has a backwards conversation view with previous conversations on top.

There is another 6 year thread where people have been trying to explain this.

But that’s the way it is. I’m just going to deinstall eM Client now and forget about it and stop bugging you because you’re never going to change it.