New messages have no automatic signature attached... :-(

After the last update when I click new message I dont see automatic signature attached to my message… :frowning:

Hi, can I ask you what OS and Internet Explorer version do you use?

Vista Business SP1 , IE8

Can you please send us that email (with blank signature) to It may help. You are the only person currently having this problem so we would really appreciate help with this.

If you create another signature and change it when composing new email, will it add the signature at last or not? If yes can you please send us that message to. Email is (I misspelled @ with . in previous post).

Michal if you are Czech we can comunicate in our language :slight_smile: . I sent e-mails to the address.

Díky :slight_smile: Podíváme se na to. Ve vydávaném updatu jsou nějaké změny v kódu pro vkládání podpis, které možná budou řešit i váš problém.

Vyborne, diky…

Mohl byste prosím zkusit verzi…
jestli řeší váš problém s podpisy?

Yesterday, after updating to the last version (2.7.826), i am having the same problem.
I have two signatures, one for new mails and the other for reply, i have this problem for new mail only.
In the mail windows when i click on signature and choose default signature the signature appears.

can I ask what folder are you in when you try to write new email and no automatic signature appears ?

Hi Gabriel, after update have the same problem. I’m using local folders only (5x pop3 accounts) and after changing the account or signature, the correct one appears.

But directly after clicking “new mail” button, no signature is there (but default mail account is selected properly). If I change the mail account or re-select the default one, signature appears - if I do it through signature menu, it works as well (can select or re-select the default one).

Does this answer help?

System: Windows XP Pro SP3, IE 8 (but have some windows update waiting in the queue for 2 weeks now), eM Client v2.7.8288.0

Hello, we finally find out where the problem was. It is now internally fixed and will be available with the next update very soon. We are sorry for that.

@ Michael / Gabriel:

What form of testing is done to prevent these kind of “should be easy to find” kind of issues? I ask as I am an avid supporter of eM Client and am also a Quality Assurance / Software Testing Consultant of 11 years.

I have my own Software Testing consultancy ( that will be able to help improve / refine your testing and possibly even make it more efficient.

My company is based in Australia and we are set up to easily do remote test execution - we often do work in our daytime which would be your night. Or, put another way, you as a company get 24 hours in a day where you build / deploy in your daytime and we could test / report in ours.

Contact me through this thread, my email: dparker at experior dot com dot au our my website, above.


You can download fixed version at…

Thumbs up! Works perfectly for me…