New message to the top marked conversation show no notification

When the top conversation is viewed, with these settings:

* Message panel on the right or bottom active
* Mark messages as read after displaying for X seconds

What happens is that if a new mail for the top conversation enters while it is still marked(after being viewed before), the “mark messages as read after X seconds” marks the message as read even though no one actually looked at it.

There should be some kind of exception for this?

I guess after 1 month nobody has any ideas. Do you have a Pro License Benny? If you do, could you open a ticket with this problem?

I don’t have a Pro license.

Hello Benny,

I just tried to replicate the issue. Do I understand correctly that the top conversation is marked but the eM Client window is minimised and you have another window opened at that time?


Hi Russel,

Yes that is correct.

If the top conversation is marked (I viewed/read it last), the emclient window is minimized and I receive a new message to that conversation, the new message notification (envelope in the taskbar) disappears after X seconds and the message is considered as read.

Hello Benny,

I tested the issue and it behaves exactly as you explain. I will forward it to my colleagues as a glitch and hopefully it will get fixed in the future releases. Thank you for the notice.