New Message problem not linking to Contacts

I’m helping a Senior who has just installed eM Client and when he clicks on the “To:” his contacts are not displayed so he can select one.
Also if he starts typing a person’s name in the To: field, no email address appears for selection.
Clicking on the Contacts icon down at lower left reveals that all his contacts are there??

Do the contacts have email addresses?

Are the email addresses in the correct field?

Are the email addresses properly formatted email addresses?

Hello Gary
Thanks for your interest.
The contacts do have email addresses.
They were imported from Windows Live Mail which is now not used. The contacts all appear fine (as they were used previously in WLM) when the Contacts icon is selected when the Contacts tool icon at lower left panel is selected.
Still a puzzle

Can you give a screenshot of one of the contacts that doesn’t work.

So like this: