new meeting requests to show up in my calendar

when I accept meeting requests from others the requests don’t show up on my calendar is there something I need to do or set before I accept

what calendar service do you use?

it is when other send me outlook meeting requests and I “Accept” nothing shows up in eM client. Can you help?

In the first place please check which calendar is your default calendar and then try to use Search and find the invitation. Please inform me of the result. Thank you.

George, the issue is when I am sent a “meeting request” from someone using Outlook. I “accept” the meeting request but nothing shows up on my eM Client calendar. In the past, when someone sent me a meeting request from Outlook my Outlook would automatically populate my calendar. Does it not/should it not work that way in eM Client calendar? Thanks, Kent.

Please send me the invitation saved as .eml at Thank you.