New Manual Archive pr oblem

About 2 years ago (May 2020), I manually archived the emails that were older than 2 years (730 days) in the “Local Folders” of my POP3 email account (, & also in the folders of my “IMAP” email account (, so that I ended up with the 2 respective archives containing the folders that existed at that time.
The objective was to reduce the number of “active” emails in the folders of the 2 email accounts, in order minimise the laptop resources being used when viewing the contents of the email folders, thereby hopefully making eM Client more responsive.
Now, 2 years later, I would like once again, to manually archive the emails older than 2 years in the folders of both accounts, but I have changed the name of some of the folders in both accounts, & have also added new folders in both accounts.
Consequently, I am concerned with regard to what would happen to the old archives of the 2 email accounts, if I do another manual archive.
I look forward to, & would greatly appreciate any advice anyone can give me on this.