New mails quantity in root folder when it's collapsed and subfolder has new unread mails

Hi, recently updated to version 7.0 among other things waiting for this option is available, but observed that not … have any implementation date? It seems simple to implement and necessary.

P.S.: I have requested this future 9 months ago by support ticket.

Thanks, Bernardo.

This is really necessary! In Thunderbird this problem has been solved much better. When a mail is moved into a folder by a rule the folder above is displayed in blue. The new mail appears only there. Unread mails have a bold header. Beside the folders the number of mails inside are displayed, not the number of new mails. When a root folder is dispayed as bold, I have to open it, no matter if there are 2 or 5 new mails inside in a subfolder.

eM7 is too complicated and I wish the develloper team could apply these Thunderbird features on eM Client.

Hi Ritchie,  exactly, I come from Thunderbirth and there are some things that eClient are not entirely resolved or resolved correctly, this is one of them and  seems from the outside easy to solve… hopefully the development team take notice, I made a claim for 6.0 version 9 months  ago !!!

Cheers, Bernardo.