New mail notification but inbox needs a refresh to show new mail rows

Using version 7.1.31849.0 on Win10 64bit.
App icon changes to notify
me of new mail that arrived, but if focus is already on that inbox there is no new rows in it marked bold. Then I move away to another folder on the same account or any other account and move back and there are new emails. So it’s a refresh bug.

Is this for an email that is part of a conversation?


I am not seeing that. Can you update to the latest version and see if the problem persists. The latest download is available at

What happens is a new mail notification pops up but app show it in inbox not in that moment but after a while, or you click on another folder and back on inbox and it’s there. Using IMAP.

Is there a setting i could change to avoid this from happening?

No, there is no setting for this, I have been aware of this issue since the 7.0 beta.  If a message arrives for a conversation that is highlighted in the message list, there will be no indication on that line that a new message has arrived.  This only happens in the “Show conversations in all views”, so Gary you would be unaware of this issue since you only show conversations in the reading pane.

I have suggested an approach to fix this, they agreed but have not done anything.  In Postbox, a notification appears that says “A new message has been added to this conversation, click here to update” (or something like that).

I just make it a habit to click away from the top message and go back to it just in case something a new message has arrived.  Also, if you choose, as Gary does, to only show conversations in the reading pane, it will not be an issue.

Quite right Jay, I have conversations displayed in message detail only.

Nenad said the message was not part of a conversation, so could there be some other reason, or does this issue with conversation mode in all views also affect non conversation emails?

Hmm.  Right you are.  Never seen this issue before.