New mail marked as important category

My recommendation is that they just add 1 rules action which removes a category (or all).  I’m not sure what other categories GMail or other services might decide to include but this would be an easy way around it.  At least it seems to me that this rule wouldn’t be any more difficult than the existing rule action which adds a category! LOL

If there is sufficient interest in an idea, eM Client will certainly consider it.

Gary - Got emails with your posts but don’t see them here! LOL
I did try that as well and it does not work.
I’m really not thrilled with how emc deals with builtin things both gmail and emc have.  A lot of restrictions that aren’t obvious or logical.  

Yeah, the posts were for you David, but I deleted them from the forum. :wink:

I personally don’t like the GMail implementation in eM Client, though I think for most GMail users it may be acceptable. For my personal messaging, I use another provider who offers a more pleasant and reliable experience with eM Client.

I’d love to know what you use, I’m thinking seriously about being done with Google altogether.  Does it provide just email or the same services Google Apps does?  I’m intending to use the calendar and chat functionality in EMC.  Other than basic email usage.

I’d recommend checking out Fastmail. They have services that will let you use your own domain with their servers if you want to personalize your account. They support CalDAV and CardDAV, among other protocols, and because they are a reasonably large email provider the emails you send from them are much, much less likely to go into a spam filter as a self-hosted email on a shared server would. Even if you just go with a “” account, you can set up a bunch of aliases.

I’ve had email accounts with them for years and have no intention of leaving.

Thanks for the instructions… work’s perfect.

the option “never mark it as important” is not available…

That is in the options when creating a new filter in your Gmail settings - accessed through the Gmail web interface. It is not a function of eM Client.

Anyone know where in EM Client settings you "disable the Important label in IMAP stream in V8 Beta ?

If there is one, I can’t find it,

Ok thanks Jay. I can’t see that option anywhere either.

Was this something you were expecting in version 8?

Bear in mind that the beta is an unfinished product. Some of the features have not yet been added and a lot of the localization has not been done.

Flagging all your Gmail emails as important wasn’t a problem in eM Client v6. The behavior started in v7 and there was no good way to make it go away, IIRC because eM Client didn’t have a way to suppress the unwelcome “important” tags even if you didn’t have the “important” tagging enabled on Gmail. Too bad it wasn’t fixed with v8.

The simplest method is to create a filter as I described above. Works with all email clients.

Gary I don’t see that filter option as in your screenshot when I create a filter ? What exactly do you click on in Gmail to get to that. Thanks.

eg: If i go into “Filters and Blocked address’s” in Gmail and create a filter i see the following screen. No option to “Never mark as important”.

Hi Cyberzork:
1.  In the gmail web client, click on settings (gear) icon then choose settings
2.  Click on “Filters and Blocked Addresses”
3.  Click on “Create a new filter” at the bottom of the screen
4.  On the Search mail form that comes up, enter “0” for Size “greater than”
5.  Click on “Create filter”
6.  Check “Never mark it as important”

That should do it.

Ok thanks Jay. I now got that option to appear :slight_smile: Ps I was typing everything in every filter field which then never came up with that option.

Thank you!! I was annoyed by this yellow label all the time a lot!!
Started looking for a solution and eventually found this one. It’s a shame EM client hasn’t made it possible in the client to ignore that label as an option.

Because I didn’t see any of that label in Gmail I didn’t even concider to look for a sollution in Gmail. Appearantly I already had ignore label in Gmail settings so I never saw this in my gmail accounts.

Yeah I know an old topic, but if someone had the same problem and didn’t find this topic… then a bump is not a bad thing and maybe, just maybe it will make EM client makers to implement the option to Ignore that Google label nobody ever asked for.

I hope your solution will work. I have like 6 Google mail accounts to catch up on so… (and if it doesn’t I WILL notify it here.

You will find this setting in Menu > Accounts, then the IMAP tab for the Gmail account.

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