New mail marked as important category

Hi Olivia,
The “Hide Important” label & uncheck the IMAP box solution does not work. Every new email I receive automatically gets marked with “Important” category. “Important” is not in my list anywhere in eMC, and it’s been completely disabled in the Gmail settings. Please advise. Thank you.

This is a bug with emClient. It has been reported since the beta releases of version 7, but still has not been addressed. Version 6 worked properly, the problem started in version 7.

Any updates on this? Has the bug in em client been fixed?

My Client just did a update, and no, it seems like this bug has not been fixed. I wonder if Technical Support is even working on this and passing it on to Google problem.

Just a bit a small note: any mail I get that is part of a mailing list or from social media dose not come in as Important Category.

This is not a bug, it is eM Client receiving what Gmail passes to it.  Just marking the web client with “No markers” for important messages will not do it as this is only for display in the we client.  It will still pass them to eM Client.

Try this, I have heard it works:

  1.  In the Gmail web client, create a new filter.
  2.  Select messages with size greater than 0 MB
  3.  click on create filter
  4.  Check “never mark it as important” 
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With me aswell and it does NOT have that label in Gmail!

This works perfect Jay, thanks

“This is not a bug, it is eM Client receiving what Gmail passes to it.”

If I log into Gmail web, all my emails don’t show as important.  What makes you believe that eM is not the culprit here?

Ok, How come this only started after a update of eM Client? It never used to happen with an older version of eM!

I can confirm that the problem did indeed start after one of the updates to eM Client. As well, logging into Gmail directly, the emails are NOT marked as “Important”, though they are when viewing in eM Client. Not all emails are being marked as “Important”, though it happens often.

And I can confirm that it did indeed start after the V.7 update from V.6.

1.  The reason you aren’t seeing it in the web client is probably because you have the option for Importance Markers" set to “No markers”.  This will suppress their display in the web client but still passes the information along to eM Client.

2.  In version 7, eM Client became more compatible with Gmail, including display of their markers.  This was not the case in previous versions.

3.  The only way to get rid of the markers in eM Client is to do what I describe above.  As you can see form the post below, it does work.

Let us know if you have success.

1.  The reason you aren’t seeing it in the web client is probably because you have the option for Importance Markers" set to “No markers”.  This will suppress their display in the web client but still passes the information along to eM Client.

If that is the case - and I certainly believe this to be possible - It would be nice for eM Client to reach out to Google to see what can be done. I also checked on my Gmail Android app and it has the option to not sync “Important” labels. When doing this, I still receive all emails while avoiding the “Important” marker. I’m sure there is something that can be done to put the nagging problem to rest.

Hi Jay.  I’m sure every appreciates your assistance on this topic but I use plenty of other email clients who don’t have this issue when using Gmail.  I’m sure eM has some very bright developers on staff who can figure out a way to suppress the markers.  We look forward to a fix.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending em Client on this matter, I’m just stating the facts.  Personally, I think it should be an option to suppress the markers and I would encourage the company to do so.

Geez Jay I SINCERELY hope you’re being paid or at least rewarded for the level of technical support you provide, not to mention the frequency!  

I’m doing this as I type - and I’m wondering if the checkbox “Also apply to matching conversations” must be checked.  I’m too tired to prove it either way so I’m checking it to be safe! LOL  I will report my findings, and share them here and with any new posts about the issue.

As for Craig’s opinion, I respectfully disagree.  For a client like emc to RECEIVE messages from the server, which INCLUDE the important label/category/tag/whatthefarkever, and to automatically REMOVE that, is inappropriate for a commercial app.  And for what it’s worth, I say that offering my opinion as a developer who has been involved in dozens of commercial grade software apps.  I’m not chest thumping, I offer that so others might consider that it’s not really an emc problem and dealing with the stupidities of GMail would be impossible.  So - just try the filter - and be happy if it works.

Yep - I can confirm it - myself and another geek-evaluator have both used Jay’s steps to stop GMail from tagging every email with the important flag/whatever.  It works like a charm - and I think this would be a great first item to include in a guide of tips/tricks for new users (is there one?  I haven’t seen it, but I would be happy to help put one together, and in fact if emc doesn’t want to put it on their official web-site I’d be happy to register a domain and host the page on my servers).

PS: Today I made the decision to migrate my personal email usage to EMC and purchase a PRO license.  And to contribute here and wherever possible.  Regardless of my employer’s decision on the matter.  I’m hoping they go this way once I tell them I am anyway, especially since I don’t want to have to use 2 different email apps! LOL  But regardless - I’m making the jump.  FWIW I will likely post my reasoning and why I consider EMC the best alternative available (for Windows).  I will not, obviously, post the cons I’ve found nor anything about the contender app we evaluated.  

I personally think that the cons or comparisons are just as important as what you find useful. Not that you have to publicly trash the application, but you might consider posting ideas for those cons that could be changed to pros, or other ideas that you think might improve eM Client.

I am not a regular GMail user, but I can see where the Important tag might be useful. Maybe a setting in eM Client to ignore or retain the tag could be a solution.

You make a good point Gary!  Perhaps by sharing some of the cons we’ve found that might create some support that will encourage the company to consider resolutions.  I’ll be writing up something this weekend!