new mail function "edit as new" for sent mails

Dear eM Client Team, I do frequently need the function “edit as new” (as in Thunderbird, when taking a sent mail as a draft for a new one) - any plans to include such in near future? Thankyou, kind regards, Andrea

Hi, you can right click the email and select Forward > Forward as original, that should do the trick.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Paul, unfortunately not. Have meanwhile seen all the other posts regarding the same problem and read that you are not going to implement a better solution in the near future. Which is sad, because I was ready to buy eM Client until I found out about that special problem…
It would just be great to have a sent mail including text and all addressees as a draft for a new one within one click. Kind regards, Andrea

Unfortunately that’s not possible, I bet it would be easier, but sent mail is already a composed message and thus it’s locked, I’m sorry if this is an obstacle for you but the forward as original is the only feature that could solve this at the moment.

Thank you for the suggestion, maybe we’ll improve this in future releases,

Thank you, I will keep an eye on eM Client. :slight_smile:

Forward as original does not fully duplicate the function.  “Edit as New” does not mean to change the message that has been sent.  It means to re-create the email completely in a new edit window.

“Forward as Original” is close but not complete.  In particular, it does not copy the To/CC addresses of the original message.  So a manual operation is required to enter/copy the addresses from the old message to the new.  If “Forward as Original” would copy the To/CC addresses of the original message that would accomplish what is being asked for.

Hello Daniel,
we understand what is being asked for, but unfortunately not many users have voted for this Idea yet, so while the feature is still under consideration, it’s not at the top of the priority list at the moment. That does not mean that this feature won’t be included in future updates.
Thank you for your patience.


It’s couple years as this function was asked but still not implemented. To say true it is probably the only reason to migrate from TB for the moment