new macbook pro

I bought em for 2 machines but had problems with a third email account. Support tried hard but could not help so I decided to request a refund and use it as a free version with just 2 accounts. I am retired and have no business - use is personal.
I use the free version on my home iMac and my macbook Pro. I bought a new macbook Pro and sold the old one. On the new MBP I now get the message" Your license has reached the maximum number of activated installations. To fix this, either contact teh vendor to expnad your license or deactivate other installations."

I am confused. Does this mean I need to deactivate it on my old computer - I can’t do this as it has been sold or does that mean I can’t use the free version on 2 Macs.


This means that you are trying to activate the Pro License on the new computer. Your Pro License had a limit of two computers, so when you try to activate it on a third, you will get this message. If you are still using the Pro License, you should have deactivated it on the old one before you sold it, then activated it on the new one. You can still do that through the License Manager even if you no longer have access to the old computer. 

A Free License can only be activated on one computer, so if you have two computers, you need two separate Free Licenses. You cannot deactivate Free Licenses through the License Manager. That is for Pro Licenses only.

How do I get a free license?

You can get Free Licenses for personal use from the eM Client web site at