New issues found (Mon=1/Apr/13)

  1. Can’t clear/delete all default categories. Only some of them can be deleted so how to clear/delete all the default categories in one go? Please provide an option for the same

  2. If em client password is forgotten or lost then there is no option to reset/clear it. So can you provide an option for resetting/clearing the same?

  3. When an email is sent from hotmail web interface where multiple email id’s or recipients are added in BCC then not all email id’s or recipients list is shown in email in em client

  • Due to above reason when searched for any email ids which are in BCC either results are minimum or fails often to find the required email id or person

  • Among search criteria couldn’t find a option for selecting sent folder

  • But this works vice versa: if an email is sent using em client adding ids in BCC all the email id’s or recipients list can be seen in Hotmail web interface!!

Thanks & Regards

  1. It is not possible at the moment. You can only rename them.

  2. No, we do not store these passwords anywhere but if you forgot your password, contact us and we can try to restore your data remotely.

  3. I have tested it right now and it works without any problems. What version of eM Client do you use?

  1. Strange!! you cant even rename all of them!! thats the reason how about providing an option for the same?

  2. i am talking about “eM client” password the one which i have downloaded & is in use. if passowrds are not stored locally then when EMC is used in portable mode remembers the password?

  3. i am using the latest version “eM Client-5.0.17595.0”. please check again i have tried with multiple email ids & everytime the issue was same!!

for example: from hotmail web interface in BCC if 10 ids are added then in EMC its shows about 5+ ids in BCC (but all are seen in if you select “view email header” option in EMC

  1. I can rename all the categories - can you provide a screenshot of the category which cannot be renamed?
  2. I meant that we do not store it anywhere on the server. Of course it is saved locally (encrypted in your database).
  3. I was finally able to simulate it so we will try to fix it ASAP.
  1. Sorry let me check again & get back to you
  2. so how can i reset this locally saved EMC password? any option available?
  3. Glad you could find it!! & hope its fixed ASAP
  1. Unfortunately not - you cannot reset it yourself.