New installation does not recognize backup file

Hi there,
I performed a backup on my old PC Win 10 Pro to a USB-C-Stick (Menu > File > Backup). I installed the latest version of EM on my new computer Win 11 Pro and tried to restore the backup-file from the USB drive. EM does not find/recognize the ZIP-File on the USB-Stick. The explorer does show the file correctly. What can I do? Thank You.

In Windows Explorer go to your Documents folder. Create an eM Client folder.

Copy the backup zip file to that folder.

In eM Client use Menu > File > Restore.

Thank you for the suggested solution, unfortunately the problem still exists. The file is not recognized, the folder is seen as empty.


The file is not recognized, the folder is seen as empty

Do you have the eM Client “” file in your “C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\eMClient” folder. ?

You do not need to select a folder. All you have to do is place the backup zip file in …\Documents\eM Client\ and then use Menu > File > Restore. It will automatically detect the backup file.

If it doesn’t, the file may be corrupt. Make a new backup to the default location (don’t make the backup direct to a USB device) , then copy the backup zip file across. Remember to eject the USB device correctly from the old device.