New install not showing recent emails imap

I have just installed eM Client for the first time. I have set it up with a google email address, however it will only sync about 60 emails from 2011 and no recent emails. The sync process runs when I click refresh but then exits.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, had the same issue.

I had tried closing the client and reopening which mostly had no effect, except once it downloaded 3 more emails, one from yesterday and 2 random ones from today, which were not even consecutive.

I do not seem to be getting any errors. Any advise or feedback would be appreciated as I would like to use this client but obviously its not usable without actually syncing my emails. 

Should have no problems with Gmail.  Try setting up your accounts with a fresh database.

1.  Close eM Client
2.  Delete the following (hidden) folder c:\users[user_name]\Appdata\roaming\eM Client
3.  Restart eM Client
4.  Enter account information and let it sync.