New install - Initial syncing from GMail is taking forever

Just installed eMClient today, went through setup wizard for my two gmail account. In one account there is next to no email, so sync went very fast (< 1 minute). The other account has about over 4000 emails. eM synced those quickly as well (< 5 minutes) but since then it has been stuck - 4 hours later, it’s 4 less emails to sync. Extrapolating: Can’t really wait 2000+ hours for sync to complete.

I must have some problem in settings. Any idea on what settings to enable and which to disable?

Sometimes restarting eM Client may help. It is possible that somehow the download stalled, and restarting will resume from where it left off.

The settings used by Automatic Setup for Gmail accounts should be correct. But there is an option to download messages for offline use including attachments. That can slow the process down, but is not set by default. You will find that at Menu > Tools > Accounts, and in the IMAP folder for the affected account.

I left the app run overnight, and all my mail is there now. I left the “download messages for offline use” setting at it’s default disabled setting.

Oddly though, when I first open the app, I get a "Connecting to {account name} failed.The message states possible IMAP settings problems or temporary server issues. Clicking refresh (send/receive all) resolves the problem. Strange…

You could check your settings. I have the following and it seems to work just fine.

Port: 993
Security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Port: 587
Security policy: Force usage of SSL/TLS

Those are the same settings I have. I’ll monitor the behavior in the next few days. But even if it remains, a send/receive all takes care of it. And I use gmail primarily through the browser anyway, a standalone mail client is just a nice to have for when I need it.