New install - database check, endless loop

I just upgraded to v7 after and it would appear that em client is no longer functional. Everything went fine in terms of importing, though once I restarted my PC and logged back-in, em Client went into a database check. After which, it will crash again, and return to a database check, over, and over, and over, and over… 

Needless to say, and in spite of the time passed, it would seem that v7 is nowhere near being ready for use. Let alone worth the money :confused:


We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. If you’re experiencing issues with the 7.0.30068.0 version, can you please try installing this version?

Thank you,

Thank-you for the reply. 
I have since installed the linked version and it appears to be working. Though I’d add that I haven’t restarted my workstation yet, and so I’ll update this thread just as soon as I find out if it’s stabilized. 

Okay, it looks like everything is working as intended insofar as restarting etc. 
Thanks for the help.