New folder error

Attempting to create a new folder as a subfolder under Local Folders/Family called “Pets”.  I get the following error pop up “a subfolder with the same name but a different type already exists in this folder.”  No error shows in Operations/Error.  What does this error mean?

I am using eM Client Free version 7.2.34711.0 on Windows 10 Home version 10.018362.

Can you upgrade to the latest version available in the Release History and see if there is any difference?

“Upgrade”? Meaning… “Send more money” and HOPE the problem is gone? Even the Paid Version has many problems with subfolders. I’m not sure about Wayne’s situation, but I’m sorry I got the Paid Version due to subfolder problems.

There is no difference with the application. Whatever license you have activated, it is the exact same application!

Upgrade means simply downloading the latest version and installing it. That is the same whether you have a Pro or Free License. There is no cost involved.

What sub-folder problems are you having? Did you take advantage of your VIP Support option and open a ticket with eM Client? What did they say?

I tried to “upgrade” using Help|Check for Update… and get “There is no update available”. I’ve been using eM Client for nearly 4 years and have reported problems with subfolders before. Nothing has changed. I’m certainly not going to support the Pro version with this continued behavior. I’ll try the manual download/install when I get a chance.

I never said to use Menu > Help > Check for Update. I said to download the latest from the Release History. This is not the same thing.

Excuse me!

You’re excused.