New features/Options required/requested (Mon=1/Apr/13)

New features/Options required/requested:

  1. Please provide an option for viewing messages in conversation view across all folders (irrespective of what email service or account is used/added in eM client)

  2. Please provide an option for saving local folders separately to a required path in a folder along with relevant files

  3. Please provide an option to pull/reflect list of categories/labels of hotmail & gmail when these accounts are configured in em client.

  • If above option is provided then, as & when any email is categorized/labeled in eM client the same should reflect in web interface as well.

  • In this way it saves double work (otherwise one has to categorize/label them separately in em client & in web interface)

  • Only if above option is provided then you can say em client is 100% compatible with hotmail & gmail

  • As of now no email client has this option!! (As far as I have tested/checked/noticed)

  1. Please provide a portable version of em client. (This is very much helpful in syncing the data if eM client is used on multiple systems)

  2. Can you please provide an option for password protecting all or any specific local folder?

  3. Why installation package is made as MSI? Why not exe? Since it’s a MSI package so I can’t select destination installation path

  • For example if I want to install the em client on a USB drive as of now I can’t due to MSI package

  • To run it from USB I need to copy all the files manually to USB & has to reconfigure

  • As & when there is a new version released I need to carry out the above exercise every time which is inconvenient

Thanks & Regards

+1 for a version please