New features I cannot find in 9.1

  1. Using substantial number of local folders, a fast-access button from any folder to the top of the Inbox folder would make navigation markedly superior. Even better would be having three-to-five such fast-access buttons in eM Client to jump quickly to heavily used folders.

  2. If possible, I prefer your making the two vertical scroll bars in eM Client wider, perhaps as a user option.

Thanks for listening.

–John A Kossey

  1. You can use the HOME key on your keyboard.

  2. You can use another Theme that has wider scrollbars, or edit the theme yourself to change them to the system scrollbar width.

The home button on my XPS13 is rather erratic. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not.

A “home” feature somewhere would be nice as I and up scrolling to the top of my lists regularly by hand. It could be hidden inside a double click at the top of each list…?