New feature: Smart folders separation

It could be fine to have possibility to separate / float / fixed smart folders area in the top, when scrolling other accounts.

You have my vote TomKom.

I was just coming here to propose this same idea.

I routinely have emails that I want to file in folders in multiple accounts, but have to scroll all the way up and down each time to find the correct folder. If you happen to select a folder for a moment, you then need to scroll all the way back to the top to get back to the Inbox. This also happens if you happen to create a new subfolder right before moving an email.

It would be nice if the SmartFolder section did not scroll along with the rest of the other folders when scrolling through the account folders.

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Used to work this way, no idea why this was removed. Devs - please restore this feature.

See, that’s what I thought, but figured that I must not be remembering correctly. I’m glad someone else remembers that it used to be that way.

Yes, Devs, please restore this feature.

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Something new in this? It is really annoying to scroll all the time with my 8 business accounts and that’s basic function that other apps have. Thanks for reply

This is probably my biggest pet peeve with emClient.

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Mine as well - that and it makes no sense to me that they would take it out in the first place, then ignore all requests for it for over a year. I’ve not even seen a “we’re working on it” reply, just silence…

You are aware this is a community supported forum, and eM Client Inc. do not usually comment here? If you’re waiting for a reply from them, don’t.

They do however monitor the ideas submitted on this forum, and I understand they usually consider those that indicate a large interest from the user base. A single year, a few comments and only three votes after TomKom posted this idea is not exactly leading the ideas section in popularity. Unfortunately. ;-(

Another option is if you have a Pro License, submit your request directly to eM Client. They take Pro License users more seriously.

And if you really want to see an idea noticed, vote on it.!!

From what I have heard they are concentrating on the version 8 release, so I doubt they are considering new ideas (or re-implementing old features) right now anyway, but let’s get this one noticed. :wink:

Thanks for replies… yes I am Pro License user and wrote meantime directly to the eM Client. They  told me that yes this feature was in earlier releases but there were any problem with it, so they decided to remove this feature… So we have to hope, that they put it back. But it is really pain in the ass to scroll all the time up and down when you need to move some email :frowning: