New Feature: click on header to take you direct to the reply (as Outlook has done forever!)

New Feature: When viewing an old message to which you replied the header states ‘you replied on…date’ Please provide link to click on header to take you direct to the reply (as Outlook has done forever!)

Yeah, this has been requested before. I would also like to be able to click on that link to take me to the reply.

Of course with conversation mode enabled, the reply will be below the original message, so I am wondering if that makes a clickable link obsolete?

But why do I want to see the whole conversation every time!? If you’re talking to someone do you repeat everything you’ve already said before tagging your new info on the end!!? Utterly bonkers if you did so why do it in emails… so inefficient… dreamed up as a job creation scheme for coders with nothing better to do…

That is why the other messages in the conversation are collapsed. You can see that there are replies, but you don’t have to read them. If you need to, they are easily accessible.

I might need my raincoat but I don’t carry my entire wardrobe round ‘just in case’…

But to continue the analogy, you DO keep it in the closet until you need it again. Therefore the conversation is there, collapsed, until you need it again.

Anyway, it does not make much sense to go any further with this. My comment was that maybe because the reply is already in the conversation, that is why there is no link on the “you replied” text. Mostly it is just speculation.

Oh, and I did vote on your proposal when you posted it because I think it is an excellent idea!