New error msg having to with contacts

I have been getting the following error msg when I start eM client.
[Google Contacts]Deleting items in folder ‘’ failed due to the following error: Parameter validation failed for “resourceName” : The value did not match the regular expression ^people/[^/]+$

To fix this, go to the Contacts section of eM Client and by right-click on the Google Contacts folder, choose Properties > Repair.

When I click properties Repair is not a selection

Go to your Contact section of eM Client.

Right-click on the Google Contacts folder, and choose Properties > Repair.

I don’t know why but the first time I looked for repair it was not there but was this time. I cycled eM Client and all seems well. Thanks

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I have just carried out the above repair after upgrading from V7 which was complaining that it could no longer sync google contacts. All of the changes to contacts made in V7 now seem to have gone. Is there there a way to restore them?