New emails not loading in inbox

I am using eM Client on two different laptops. Lately when a new email comes in I see the Inbox with (…) three dots but the new email doesn’t load. I hit send/receive and it doesn’t work. I have to close the email client and then open it up again to see the email. Attaching a screen shot with the log.

Could you have a setting in your firewall or an antivirus or malware program blocking access?  

I know when I was using Windows Live Mail 2012 before my switch to eM Client, I had purchased and installed System Mechanic and some emails would then appear blank.  Once I turned off the part that controls malware in that software, all my mail appeared correctly again.  Just a personal observation that might apply to you?  Some other program may be blocking it.     

I don’t think that is it. It is happening on two different laptops, one is new with no firewall that I know of. And when I closed the program and open it again the emails show up. This wasn’t the case before, it just started happening the past week or so.

Have no idea then but seems something is interfering with your email on both computers.

I am having a similar problem. All my godaddy linked emails aren’t going through. I see them go on my phone, and then for them to come through in EM client I have to close the program, and then reopen it. then everything goes through. happened out of no where on all three of my EM client machines.

Hey guys,

As this seems to be a problem not limited to just one of you, can I ask you all to please go to tools>settings>advanced>logging and check the IMAP checkbox under the affected accounts? Restart eM Client after you’ve done that, then go back to logging and send the logs using the provided button to so I can look into this.
Thank you.