New emails not appearing

I have both EM Client and Thunderbird installed on my Windows 10 PC - I have a gmail account.

Frequently, I open EM Client and there are no new emails, so to cross check, I open Thunderbird and I get my new emails - I then go back to EM Client and suddenly they appear.

We are talking emails that may have been received hours earlier, yet they still don’t appear when I initially open EM Client.

Is there a setting I may need to change this behaviour?


Are you using IMAP/EWS or POP3? You can check that by going to Menu > Accounts, and see what the tabs are labelled.

If you are using IMAP or EWS, are these messages moved to folder by the server? That means they are not in your Inbox, but in another folder before eM Client retrieves them.

Thanks for your reply, Gary - it’s set to IMAP port 993 and Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).

Sorry, please excuse my lack of knowledge but I can’t find a setting referring to ‘messages moved to folder by the server’ - can you clarify any further, please?


Do you have a filter setup in your Gmail web interface that moves or labels certain messages? That means when they do appear in eM Client, they are not in the Inbox, but already in another folder.

Hi Gary - no nothing like that is setup.

This seems to be random, or at least I can’t see a pattern. Sometimes I open EM Client and no messages appear, I then open Thunderbird, see that I do have new emails in my inbox - I don’t open them, switch back to EM Client, and magically they appear (seemingly because I opened Thunderbird). Other times I can open EM Client and new messages are instantly displayed in my Inbox (as one would expect).

I am beaten, currently, but hopefully someone will suggest something as I do prefer the look and feel of EM Client over Thunderbird.

Thanks for your assistance.

Yes, I am hoping so as well. I don’t use eM Client with Gmail for messaging, so I don’t know how it behaves in practice.