New emails instantly disappearing

Since earlier today the program has stopped functioning correctly.  I am using version 60223440.  Only around half of my email is arriving.  It is over pop3 from an account on a domain which I have full control over.  I have sent several test mails to myself and around 50% of them have arrived and stayed in my inbox, the rest have shown the ‘new mail’ notification but there’s nothing in the inbox.  I have also tried sending from accounts on other domains and the problem persists.

The ‘new mail’ notification icons perfectly match up with the times I have sent to myself as I have the server email check set to 1 min intervals, so where is the other half of my emails disappearing to?

I’m also getting around a 40 minute time lag from a couple of different email groups I’m subscribed to.  One of them is for flight alerts.  I can see on my profile on the site that an alert was sent and delivered at 1641 yet it has only just arrived in my inbox at 1723, yet the arrival time showing in the program says 1641 as well, which is clearly a lie as it’s only just arrived this minute.

What is going on?  Lost all confidence in this program now.  Think I’m going to have to revert back to bloated Outlook as no-one seems to be able to make a simple email client that actually works properly and isn’t full of bugs. :frowning:

ETA: I should add that I have checked my sub folders and spam/trash but no luck there.

Hello, I’m not completely sure what mail service you’re using with eM Client? Are the messages available on your mail server when you receive them and check your webmail online? Are those messages unread? Note that the POP3 protocol is used to fetch only new incoming mail, and won’t be able to download messages that have been marked as read before they were fetched by eM Client.

What are you referring to as “new mail” notification, are you referring to the pop-up box, showing basic info about the new message?