New Email Count wrong

Since upgrading to the Version 7 Beta, my new email counts are wrong, and they keep growing.

Up to 4 now, but there is nothing there that hasn’t been read.
When I click on the 1 next to Unread.  It says nothing is there.

I noticed that as well as other issues… decided to go back to V6 and will try again after this initial beta is updated…

I sent the report to and suggest you do as well in case they need more than 1 person reporting in order to act on the problem…

Yep, looks like I am going to have to go back to Version 6 too.  Now I will have to use Mailbird to search for emails, Gmail to print emails, and EM Client 6 to organize emails.  

I was really hoping Version 7 was going to solve all my problems.

I am new to eMCLient (about 3 weeks) and am waiting for a stable v7 to decide if this will be my Email client. As for v6 eM printing emails… I have not had an issue with that as well as searching!

Mailbird looks interesting but does not use rules/templates, currently, which is a ‘must have’ for me…

Yes, I love EM Client for everything else.  The printing issue is due to a problem with Internet Explorer, but I can not resolve it.    I don’t like Mailbird, other than the search is blazing fast compared to EM Client.  Since printing emails is rare, I will have to live without that.  I probably should install Thunderbird and see if I can search and print from there.

But I can’t deal with the new categories/labels on EM Client 7.  I am buried with work right now, and I heavily rely on EM Client to keep me organized.  I have been lost since I upgraded.

I have used Thunderbird for years… nothing wrong, everything right about it BUT enhancements have been stopped and only security/bug fixes continue. I just want to be in a position to have another client ready in case support stops ( I don’t foresee it but I am a cautious type of guy).

Sounds like you need to go back to v6 and wait for the beta to mature somewhat…:slight_smile:

Hi Barbara,
we are aware of this problem and will fix it, if you plan to use the Beta, please do try to report the issue to though.
Thank you.
If the Beta is proving too troublesome for you, I suggest sticking with version 6 until the full version 7 comes out.

That’s the point now, well spoken! Real enhancements have been disappeared for a while now and unfortunately v7 continues this series.

It seems fixing Gmail and bugs has gained priority the last few month when watching this forums here.

I was referring to Thunderbird, but I have read a lot in this forum about eM, especially about the weakness of RULES functionality; which I agree with! I find it kind of strange/disturbing that enhancements to v6 were rather slow and/or non-existent.

But I am willing to give v7 a chance, but not in its current form… hopefully betas will be forthcoming at a decent pace…

FWIW, you can upvote my one year old idea for a bunch of enhancements to rules, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for any changes anytime soon.…


Hmmm, thought I had a few weeks ago… will have to check


Looks like I had “upvoted” since the option now says “unvote”…  :))

Any chance they will fix the problems with the categories?

Hi Barbara,
can you please describe more what you mean by these problems?


Hey Olivia,

I had already reported them, but I will be glad to share them here to.  Now with the new Gmail labels are categories are overrided by “Important” and “Inbox”.  I was able to get rid of “Important” by setting up a filter on  But obviously I can’t get rid of the Inbox.  

With version 6 I set the text to be the color of the category.  This was perfect for me because I have about 6 clients (plus my personal emails).  So I have a rule to set the category based on the account.  Then if I go through my Inbox I can see which client these are about quickly.  I flag any that I need to follow up on, and they are on my agenda colored for each client.  That way when I get to that client during the day, I can see the emails for them perfectly.  

In version 7 this no longer works.  Text stays black in the agenda.  Only the envelope is colored and they all default to gray.  The yellow ones are because they were automatically marked as “Important”.  The grey ones are categorized, but the Inbox category is effecting the color.   The red ones are ones I played with.   I had to open the email, remove the inbox category, then apply my category and save it.  Then I have move the email back into the inbox.  Not efficient at all.

Ideally, an option to disable the Gmail Labels would be perfect.  And putting back the colored text in the agenda would be good. There were several things I liked about Version 7, but I noticed a big difference in my productivity yesterday, and finally gave up and reinstalled Version 6.

Hi Barbara,
I see, I wasn’t aware that you already reported these issues to testing. Thank you for clarifying though.
We’ll consult these issues with the developers.


Hey Olivia,
It’s been a while since I checked in here.  What is the status of this?  It’s the major issue holding me back from version 7.