NEW eM Client User - HACKED by PHISHING Titled - "Email Admin"

Within hours of signing up, I was phished by someone called Email Admin.saying my email account has exceeded its storage capacity. Asking me to verify account. Which I did . This sent me to an identical Home page as my IP client. I have immediately change my passwords and security with GMX: PLEASE WARN ALL USERS, that Email Admin is bad phishing. eMail Client Inc. please look into this Hacker. I have lost trust in this email client within hours of joining. .N.I.

Further to my last Post. The email address of this Phishing sender is**:  Email Admin <>**
This email address is NOT SHOWN by eMClient but it is by MS Outlook. There is a fundamental flaw with this email client.
The security of eMClient is definitely in question.

This is serious stuff. Thanks for the warning!

I’m sorry that you have become a victim of a phishing scam, but these emails are not triggered by installing a piece of software; it is a rather unfortunate coincidence.
You can always view the email address of the sender in eM Client, if you hold your cursor over the name of the sender in the detail message, you will see it.

Either way, please do report this phishing email and webpage, since you have access to it. Reporting it on a forum isn’t very effective, I recommend reporting to google (…) or for example US government ( so they can take this page down.

Best regards,

Okay Olivia