New eM Client user. Attempt to set up account failed. Unaccepted password.

Spent considerable time trying to find reason eM Client would not setup account.  Found that default server setting was the problem.  Default was replaced with and unchecked “use identity credentials”.  Once this was done, all emails from Outlook Mail imported to eM Client.

Just another eM Client user here.  

There might be different settings for Outlook emails and Hotmail emails.  I have an old Microsoft Hotmail account that requires the setting, as when I switch to I immediately i get these errors:


The “use identity credentials” are the same, apparently for both Outlook and Hotmail, as that is how my Hotmail account is set.  

My point here, is that Microsoft still has a lot of old email users, as well as users, and they are both, according to my understanding, handled at for all things except for actual email settings, the server used for each are, apparently different.

Hotmail users:
Outlook users:

Just wanted to point this out for any Hotmail users finding that the setting for Outlook users doesn’t work for them. 

New day, new problem.  When I contacted sales with my dilemma, they offered me an upgrade to v7, which I installed.  Now I don’t have the ability to import my Outlook files because it says that is not installed.  This is wrong, but I don’t know how to correct it.

Just a note:  the v7 I just installed at least does not send a flood of error messages and opening hundreds of browser tabs when I click on the eM sales address.  I was told that was because v6 uses IE and v7 does not.  No mention of what browser v7 uses.

Another note:  the new v7 just installed shows “No Account” when in fact the account info is in the Account page and exactly the same as it was in v6… and no way to change it.  Also, “Diagnostics” button is greyed out, so no help there.

AH!!! Found out my problem.  When setting up the Account, did not notice that the default info only registered Contacts and Calendar, BUT NOT MAIL.  Once I configured the MAIL account, it now works.

Might be set to use the user’s “default” browser, which for me is Chrome.  In Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge browser (IE replacement) is just horrible.  

It’s strange how Microsoft can do so well with some things and so miss the mark with others.  

Set up gmail account in under 3 minutes!  Piece of cake!..   Boy, a steep learning curve, but rolling along now.  I like it!

Problem solved

Found out on the v7 Blog that IE was replaced with Chromium as the default browser.

Had the same issue with errors until I set AirSync server to

This was corrected.  eM Client did not set up Mail, only Calendar and Contacts by default.  Had to remove and re-install outlook mail account.

Chromium?  I don’t use v7 since it is in beta and it will totally replace my v6 Pro that I just bought last month.

Well, I just did a search of Chromium and it seems it and Chrome have much in common:

" Chromium  is the open-source web browser project from which Google  Chrome  draws its source code. The browsers share the majority of code and features, though there are some minor differences in features and they have different licensing." - Wikipedia

Still, I would imagine that if one does not have Chromium or Chrome installed, eM Client 7 would use whatever the user has installed?  :) 


Just to clarify a few details - neither Chromium or Google Chrome have to be installed. Just as version 6 utilizes IE core, version 7 utilizes a Chromium core and it comes as a seamless package within eM Client. There is no need to install anything and eM Client will always run on IE or Chromium, depending on the version, no matter what you have installed on your PC.