New eM Client 5 is now officially released!

Please download the latest version here:

And here is our latest product video:

New features overview:

  • Brand new Windows 8 modern loook
  • Full support for Windows 8
  • Full featured mail backup and restore
  • Even better support for GMail & Hotmail
  • Automatic archiving of old messages
  • Brand new calendar with new look
  • over 100 more features & improvements

Thank you for your support and let us know how you like it!

Alas the bug I reported and was told had been found and would be fixed in version 5 is still there - quite fundamental one as well, in that when I dismiss a reminder, it comes back onto the list a few seconds later.

For me this makes the product unusable really as a calendar/organizer since my reminder list just keeps growing (I have some over a month old and can not dismiss them) :frowning:

I just did the update and it looks good. Once again, I’ll make the comment that it would sure be nice to see some release notes. At least a list of changes since the last beta RC.

  1. Nice job.

  2. +1 to release notes. I’ve been using 5.17211 for a week or so, and didn’t notice any difference… at least, not yet.

  3. If I drag-and-drop a global inbox email to a local folder (F), and that local folder has sub-folders (F1, F2, F3), the local folder expands to show the sub-folders, even after I’ve quickly dropped the email to just the local folder. That is, I quickly drop the inbox item to F and quickly release it… the item is dropped into F, but slightly after that, F1, F2, and F3 are displayed underneath F. There is no need to show them – the item was already dropped into F – and they expand too quickly (i.e., I did not hover over F).

  4. The movement of folder lists up and down still occurs too quickly. That is, suppose you have a local folder list that is three times the height of the area that can be shown in the list at one time. Let’s say you can see local folders A - H, If you’re dragging an inbox item to the local folder list area, and you drag toward the bottom of the H folder, the bottom list of folders will be displayed. This bottom list will be folders P - Z. However, if you want to drag the item to I - N – the middle of the folder list that is not displayed in the top-most list and not displayed in the bottom-most list – then you can’t drag to that area. (Instead, you have to use the menu choices for moving an item to particular folder.)

  5. I’d still very much like to see an option to have To and CC entries pre-filled, as you type, but ONLY from the Address Book, instead of choosing among all contacts.

  6. I’d like to see an option that shows To and CC when composing email. That is, now you can show To / CC / BCC or just To; I never do any BCC mail, but I often do To and CC mail.

Thanks for a very nice product. I am especially impressed with the speed of re-sorting large folder lists, and I especially like the integration with Google Calendar.


Bill P.

Release 5.0.17263.0

I am moving contacts from an old account ( to a new account ( and encountering an error in the new release (5.0.17263.0). The attached file (a snipit) is the error message that is being displayed. It does not appear to be “stopping” the moving of the contact from the old account to the new account, but the message does appear on each save after the change is made.

This version contains a fix for newly created/accepted events only. If you still have a problems with reminders, try to login to your calendar in a browser and disable the problematic event reminder - it should help.

Wow, just got the update and really like what you guys are doing!

I’ve been searching for a good Outlook replacement and have tried, literally, every product I can find (Thunderbird, Postbox, Email Tray, Pimero, Zimbra, EssentialPIM, Pegasus Mail) and so far, eM Client is the only option I’m still considering. (Otherwise, I’m stuck with Outlook.)

My only real concern before I buy licenses is the closed system (ie, no plugins) and what seems to be a lack of respect to customer feedback. I’m not sure if you guys value feedback from your users?

Since George stated there are no plans to support getting contact information from LinkedIn, and this feature has been requested from other users (eM Client is *supposed* to be a business solution, right??) are there any plans to improve the Social Connections?

eM Client does some things really great - the Contact Details pane is great and solves half of what Xobni for Outlook would do, but there is still the half-imlemented Social Connection aspect. Very specifically, I personally want to see my email contacts Social Network information automatically when an email comes in - from FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Email Tray does this the best, but I’m maybe the Social Connector for Outlook is good too?

I don’t care if eM Client does it itself, or if it works with another provider that does the work - like Xobni. Are there plans to expand the “Contacts” options to work with more providers?

Thanks, and hope I get a comprehensive reply.

I have not asked for this “fix”, so I’m not sure it’s there… It’s the main thing that would interest me to upgrade. Can anyone tell me if this is fixed, please?

The problem is:
Let’s say I’m in my inbox and seeing my list of messages there (let alone that I also selected some to move to another folder…).
When I’m then going to my Local Folders and click one open with a triangle icon, my focus is now gone from the inbox, often to a white page (because it is a folder containing other folders). I don’t see any good reason for this. It should not be and is extremely irritating; losing me a lot of time…

Is it still like that…?

I’ve only used version 5 so i have no experience with prior releases, but I’m not seeing the behavior you describe.

If I am viewing my Inbox (I have multiple accounts set up and I tried with both the global All Inbox and the individual inboxes) and click the triangle next to my Local Folders, it just expands the folders in the folder list, it does not change the message list or message itself. It basically behaves exactly as I would expect. (I also tried expanding regular folders and it also behaves as I described.)

If it did what you describe, I would find that irratating also as I often am in my Inbox and want to move a message to a folder and have to open them.

TYVM Richard!
Yes, I move a lot of messages and it’s a terrible drag this way.
I’ll test the new version on another PC first. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Indeed, it has been fixed! Thanks!

First remark: We now have “smart folders” but in prefs they’re still named “global” folders.

Glad it’s fixed, but too bad no “employee” is responding. It doesn’t give me much encouragement if they can’t even bother to respond to posts :frowning: Why give them my money?

Anyone else having a better experience?

I’m confused with version numbers… Yesterday I had an automatic update from 5.0.17211.0 to 5.0.17263.0.
I did not notice any difference. Unfortunately, still contacts on the right panel are not there anymore as it was in version 4.

Yeah, the customer service is a mixed bag… But it cold certainly be a lot worse.

Half the time (or maybe more) it seems pretty good and threads are followed up. Other threads seem totally ignored (though I agree for people that don’t read the manual and need to be spoonfed) and you wonder why others are getting all the attention.

Probably they’re busy ironing out the first bugs already.

However, I do not yet regret my (few months old) purchase, esp. after this fix :slight_smile:
I’ve had no crashes whatsoever with it.
OTOH, I use it for mail only at the moment. It’s the only one that could give me the Outlook Express feel I was used to (and more).

The new version works great! I’ve only seen one minor bug, and it has to do with exporting emails. If you select “Check all” it will check all boxes, but only the boxes of folders in accounts which have been expanded in the view… What it should have done is to check ALL boxes, regardless of whether the folder (account) had been expanded or not.

Apart from that minor bug - it’s great. Thanks!

I’ve posted a few things in regards to IMAP connectivity, but heard nothing back :frowning: I know that the eM team is probably not very huge, but it would still be great to have a ‘representative’ that would at least acknowledge our concerns. It might be forgivable if the application was free, but with it at $50, it doesn’t give me much incentive to purchase a license (I’m still on the fully-featured DEMO version).

Not trying to be cold myself, as v5.0 was just released, it’s the holiday season, and I’m sure the eM devs are treating themselves to some well-deserved downtime, but again, a simple acknowledgement of some of the ongoing feature requests and problems would be awesome…

I agree George. I’m on the trial version and it’s counting down my days. I really like many aspects of eM Client and planned to purchase two licenses. Since I started evualuating eM Client, I’ve made several posts, one did get a good answer. In another I got a lousy response saying “no, not planned”. I followed up with clarification but no response. And no response on my other posts either.

I’m a software developer with over 17 years of experience so I really don’t mind paying for products I use. But the question for me is if I go with eM Client, or go back to Outlook. There are some areas that eM Client does so well, but then in other areas (like the non-customizable toolbar) that just really fail. Of course no program is perfect, but I would like to know that the developer(s) are considering user feedback. The fact the toolbar (among other features) has been requested for years and still nothing, is not encouraging. Neither is the response I received regarding LinkedIn - “not planned”.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

this has been already fixed and you can expect it in the next update.

I can assure you that all your requests are discussed and that I read all your posts but I was busy the past few days so I am responding now - I am sorry for the delay.
As regards the LinkedIn implementation and customizable toolbar - I have discussed it with our developers and they decided to not implement it now because we have lot of other scheduled features to implement with higher priority. When a significant number of customers want something, we always try to accommodate them!

It was only small update.