New E-Mails aren't displayed via IMAP.

Since today E-Mails aren’t synced via IMAP. My smartphone and the webmail client of my provider shows new emails but eM-Client pretends nothing happened ;-). This problem exists on both my Windows 8.1 and 7 Machines with eM-Client 6.

hi, what email service provider do you use and what eM Client version exactly do you have?


my Provider is and I think it was the recent RC2 that produced the problem and on my second PC (Windows 8.1) the current version 6.0.19660.0 still seems to be troubled: I opened eM-Client, the notification window to the lower right opened, notifying me of a new E-Mail but the Inbox didn’t show it. Reparing the Inbox-folder lead to the new E-Mail being displayed.

So in newest version everything works fine for you?


I didn’t run into the issue anymore nope. I found a new one but I’ll create a new ticket for it.

ok, thank you for update on your issue.