New destop, how to move eM Client?

Dear Reader,

This is an absolute beginnersquestion. My desktop is on the brink of ending it’s life. So I have to buy a new Windows 11 Pc.
How can I move my local folders, contacts and all the emails to this new destop?

I hope to do this before my Pc dies, wich can happen any moment now.

Michel F. van den Brun

Check out the eM Client Knowledge base, here

miércoles 31 agosto 2022 :: 1648hrs (UTC +01:00)


To move my eMC data etc to a new computer

The best way to move all your data etc is through: Backup & Restore.

Follow these steps:

On the old device:

1./ Create a backup: Menu ->Backup
2./ Deactivate the license on this device: Menu ->Help ->License
3./ Find the .ZIP backup file and move it to your new device
The default location is …\Documents\eM Client)

On your new device:

1./ Install eMC (
2./Move the ZIP backup file to: …\Documents\eM Client (create the folder if it is not there)
3./ Skip initial setup
4./ Restore from your backup through Menu ->File ->Restore
5./ Activate your license in Menu ->Help ->License

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Dear Readers,

Thank you very much for your reaction. It’s very kind of you that you take the time to answer my total beginner question.
Your information is very useful. I now know wat to do to save my settings and transport them to a new computer.

With Kind Regards,
Michel F. van den Brun
Michel F. van den Brun