new customer, setup, days work, crash, restarts, all data lost, asks to start from scratch

Downloaded the 30 day trial Like the look. Ready to buy.

Working on cleaning up my gmail files, hit the sort tab, crashes the system. Tell it to restart.

On restart it comes up with “welcome to eM Client” email. All data is gone. All imported contacts are gone. ALl custom settings are gone.

It has wiped out everything I have done since the beginning, and asks me to start over. I had moved the storage location of files to D://My Documents/email so they would back up. However when I go there the files are very small, suggesting they have been wiped out.

Obviously this is like a hand grenade with a 100 metre total-kill range.

A rapid response would be appreciated.

George Wilson, I see you are answering other questions. Can you address this one? Thanks

sorry for the delayed reply. Do you use IMAP or POP3 protocol? Did you have any messages stored locally? If not, you can move your database bask to original location or set Database storage in eM Client settings to D://My Documents/email and everything should synchronize automatically from the server.
If it won’t help, send me the original database at [email protected] and we can try to restore your data.

Hi George,
Yes, I copied the gmail messages locally.
Yes, I can repeat the process and I can repeat the copying of my address book from PostBox.
However, my concern is not repeating the process, but finding out why it happened, and preventing it from happening again. Once I drop PostBox and begin to use emclient I cannot afford to have it wipe out everything and tell me to begin a clean install. Any idea why it bombed? Incidentally, when it did bomb it asked me to send emclient an email notifying them of the error and I did so.

One thing I may not have done is exited emclient and started it again. In the good old days, when everything was kept in memory, this would result in a total loss until people figured out to keep saving their files manually. Is this how your system works? If so, I may find a work-around by exiting on a regular basis.