New customer, keep getting error that synchronizing folder failed

We are new to EM Client, we wanted to upgrade to business but now we are not so sure … we  switched from Thunderbird but I am about to switch back … 

No matter what we do, we keep getting this error when we open em client or when the email refreshes.  I already tried repairing folders, repaired directory etc.  any ideas?  We are in the trial now, its only one of the accounts doing this out of the 3.

I have had this error before and it turned out to be a temporary issue with the Gmail servers.  It seemed to correct itself after a couple of hours.

If it does not clear itself, I would delete the account and reenter it.

Thanks for replying … its been happening since yesterday, about 24 hours.  I also did remove it and reenter and same issue.  It’s only happening with one account.  Thanks again for your help!

If you are receiving and sending email without problems, you can turn off the error messages by going to menu/tools/settings/general/general und uncheck “Show window when an error occurs”.

You can recheck this item at some point in the future to see if the issue has resolved.  In the mean time you won’t be harassed by the pop-up.  On the other hand, meaningful error messages will not be seen (not that there are many).

Thank you so much! this helped a lot!