New Computer

I have a new laptop on which I have a new installation of emClient. I want to use my license on this laptop, but cannot find the activation number on my old laptop.  I do NOT wish to transfer the old files from the old laptop to this new one.  My Pro license is issued in the name of Carla E. Knight, issue date 1/23/2017, for one user.  I cannot deactivate it on my other laptop because that laptop will no longer connect to the internet, which, of course, makes it totally unusable.

Hi Carla,

Do you remember storing the license e.g in Documents ?
or have a backup of old mail?

Anyway, I recently addressed the same situation in this post

BTW- no connection to internet can most likely be remedied fairly easily
and no interet doesn’t make a computer totally unusable.
There are millions of users who work off-line for various reasons.