New Computer, unable to de aktivate the old account

Change computer and have installed eM Client new. Old computer was activated with free license. I use the same email address. Now eM Client want to notifies me that my evaluation period will end in 6 days. em Client dont want to give me a new activation code, because it says “that that email already have a code”. Resending the old activation code to me does also not work, because it says : no such email found". I tried to deactivate the old account, but your web site requires the installation of “Silverlight” The installation of “Silverlight” is not possible on my computer for unknown reasons, no matter which web browser i use( tried 4 different web browser already, including IE). As well, i feel it is unreasonable to let your customer search in more than 2387 conversations to perhaps find there own solutions with YOUR MALFUNKTION of YOUR software. Please help

Hi Peter, please make sure you’re using the correct email address to request your licensing data, you should be able to reactivate the license using your original activation key in the instance of eM Client.
If you’re having issues reactivating using your original license key, please send me your licensing information to [email protected]

Note that free license customers are not entitled to a priority support and are only entitled to use eM Client on one computer using the registered license for home/personal use only.


I have exactly the same problem and am frustrated with all the runaround! I’m about ready to switch to a different one!

A simple solution, if you are not able to deactivate the license on the old computer, is to just register a new Free License using another email address.