New composition not sent immediately

When I create new mail and ‘send’ it, it sits in my Outbox until I hit ‘refresh’.  This has been going on for a few months - I don’t recall it was that way long ago.  I have Charter/Spectrum.  Is this the new norm?

Hi Ron,

Just a thought.  But could you going into Menu -> Settings -. Mail  and see if the check box is checked to send email immediately.  If checked, maybe try un-checking it, closing eM Client, then go back in and recheck.  



That box was checked, so I unchecked it, closed eM Client, reopened it, rechecked it and sent myself email.  It still would not send immediately.  I had to hit ‘refresh’ for it to send.

Hello Ron,
we had problem with Charter’s IMAP protocol before, but I am unaware of any ongoing issues with Sending messages.
What version of eM Client are you currently using? Check Help>About section for full number.
Are there any error messages when the message gets stuck in Outbox?


I’m using version 7.0.27943.0.  I do not get any error message.

Hello Ron,
is your account set up as IMAP or POP?
If it’s POP do you have the option to ‘Send messages immediately’ checked in Menu>Tools>Settings>Mail>Send section?



addendum:  this does not happen when I reply to an email - only when I create a new one.

Strange - I just sent a new mail and this time it went immediately, unlike the past few months.