New Comp,Latest eM Client Install, UP-loading emails???

Old comp died. Fortunately I had a very recent backup and also a recent ‘exported files’ backup onto an external drive.

So, new comp has Win 10 Pro x64 on a (new to me) 1 TB solid state drive with a 2 TB SATA drive as well.  ‘Dude, it’s a Dell!’

I avoid using Microsoft software as much as I can, and that’s how I found eM Client several years ago.

So I went online (Chrome) and downloaded the latest version of eM Client (v.7.1.38149.0), and installed it.

It installed easily, as usual, and set up the 1 email account I use, which originates at 1&’s server, which I’ve used for years.

I then ‘imported’ my saved email files into the program fromfrom my external hard drive via USB 3.0.

Well…  that is to say, that _many_ of my saved folders and emails were imported…  but a _lot_ of the folders were empty, and some folders did not get ‘imported’!

So, being busy installing, configuring, and setting up some of my more important programs, I just let eM Client run in the background, as usual.

When I took a moment to look at it, I saw that it was constantly ‘Refreshing’ and said something about ’ uploading ’ down at the lower-left corner.

I let it do its thing, and later I got an email notice from 1& that my mailbox was full!!

Now, I have _never_ left  all  my emails online, except for some that I save in a folder I named ‘HOLD’, which had several hundred older emails. I also saved those emails  on  my comp once read.

So after getting that ‘mailbox FULL’ message, I went online and deleted all the _new_ folders that were copies from  on  my comp, and then  all those folders disappeared from ON my computer AS WELL!!!

Now, I still  do  have my backups and exported files, so it’s just time and stress for a cost…


  1. How do I stop eM Client from  UPloading  all my saved emails from my computer to the online server at 1& (
  2. How do I get those backups to  ALL  load into the eM Client program to where they used to be, _in tediously-arranged nestled folders, _the way I used to have them?
    I await your usually speedy replies!
    In advance, many thanks,

The best would be to restore from your backup. That would mean the new installation of eM Client would be the same as the old one.

But if you want to start from scratch again, and then import those exported files, you want to setup your account as POP3, not IMAP. IMAP syncs the emails between the computer and server thus filling up your online account. POP3 stores them only locally.

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and delete the account that was setup.

Next, add an account, but instead of using the Automatic Setup, choose Mail > Other.

Enter your email address then select POP3.

Complete the wizard using your details.

After you have setup your account, you can import the previously exported files. Check to make sure you select to include subfolders to ensure you get everything.

Hi Gary,

First, thanks for the speedy reply!

I am following your exact steps, and the program is now endlessly ‘testing the SMTP configuration’.

How do I get by this?

Just so you know, the email is only 1 of several ‘issues’ I’m having with this new comp. The other things have nothing to do with email, but I can’t get my 'treasured’ programmable PS/2 keyboard to install, even using an ‘approved’ PS/2-to-USB adapter. I have been toiling over this issue for 2 days now, and will keep at it until I succeed.

Oh, wait…

It stopped trying to test the SMTP config, and said that it failed, and asked to fix it. I clicked ‘fix’…


I wil now try to 'import my saved files, including the subfolders.

Again, in advance, many thanks!



Well, Gary, your instructions were PERFECT, thank you!!
All files seem to be imported into their correct nestled folders, my online server is back to being almost ‘empty’ of saved emails, so functional again.

Now I can get back to trying to get my keyboard working again.

Have a _WONDERFUL_ day, and hope you’re somewhere nice and warm (like it is here in southern Florida! - about 75o)


Hi Bob.

Can you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and then the SMTP tab for your 1and1 account. Can you please give the settings that are there now it is working?

Host, Port, and security policy.


Hi Gary,

Here are` the settings:

   Port:  587
Security policy:  Use SSL/TLS if available

   *checked* Server requires authentication
        *checked* Use identity credentials
        *UN-checked*  Use these credentials

It’s been working fine since I set it up as you suggested.
Thank you again for your help!

Off-Topic note…:

I have 2 problems I’m trying to fix on my new comp.

  1. I have an older programmable keyboard (Logic Controls LK 1800M) on which I can program ALL the keys, and it also has a 2nd level with the same # of programmable keys. It is connected to the comp by a PS/2 plug, and it DID work just fine on my old comp that had a PS/2 keyboard port on it. The new comp doesn’t have one, so I bought a couple of different PS/2-to-USB KEYBOARD adapters (not just a pass-through adapter), and 1 of them sort-of works, although some of the keys don’t work at all. The more-expensive one didn’t work at all.

The program needed to program the keys will NOT install on the comp, and only gives me error messages about updating the driver, which WON’T update!
I’m in touch with the Logic Controls Company tech guy, and he’s actually trying to find a USB keyboard in their warehouse to send to me!
So, that MIGHT be fixed by this newer keyboard.

  1. …and this one is REALLY bothering me!
    When I first got the new comp, I connected my 2TB external drive via it’s USB 3.0 connection, and started copying files and programs onto the new drives (main drive is 1TB SDD, the other is 2TB SATA).
    When I looked into some of the nestled folders, either there was NO file in there, or the *.exe file would NOT run on the new comp, as Win10 so happily told me!

I also removed the 4 HD’s from the old comp to use as externals, and I use a Vantec SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter to connect them.
Well, the DID work early on, and I did get SOME of the files off them, but now the new comp won’t even recognize the drives in Win Explorer! It just keeps ‘Working on it…’ and NEVER connects!
It is doing this when I plug in several different flash/thumb drives, too.


Sorry for the prolonged ‘VENT’, Gary, just becoming very frustrated after almost 2 weeks of this crap with a new, almost $3,000 computer (no monitor - have 2 Samsung 26").  Yes, 'Power User, fo sho!    LOL

…and yes, contacted Dell through their handy-dandy in-computer support service. Waiting for them to respond somehow.

Have a TERRIFIC afternoon!