new beta - big problem

hi there.  i downloaded the new beta and desparately need 5 mins of tech support.  is there a way to do so ?  or at least have an email dialogue about it? 

i was excited about the new beta, but are not running into problems, that i can’t solve on my own, as methodologies used the older version don’t seem to work on the beta.  i feel like i am doing something wrong. 

i’ve written in to an email address i have from you, but have yet to hear back. 

kindly advise.  thanks so much !

Why don’t you state what the issue is; perhaps someone can help you.

sure …

1)      on the older version, there was a way to control what happens to an email once you delete it.  on the beta, it sends the email to trash.  i tried to apply adjustments to the imap settings (as i had in the older version, and which worked on the older version, but it does not work in the new version) … any idea why ??

2)      are there any new skins outside of what emclient has built for the beta ?

3)      when is the beta going to finalized ?

4)      in the beta, if you search for emails in your inbox using the upper right search function, emclinet quickly finds them.  from this, I typically like to select from this short list of filtered emails and send those emails to a designated folder.  The problem is the emails I select don’t move out of inbox.  The only way to move them is to go back to the inbox (without searching for them using the upper right search) and find them within the inbox list.  and then I have to drag and drop.  This is rather cumbersome.


If anything I’ve written doesn’t make sense, do reply.  Happy to expand.


Thanks in advance for any help from the community.

Hi John

  1. What do you want to do with a deleted email?

  2. I would assume that more skins would become available over time after the official release of V7

  3. As with all well tested new releases of a software product (Windows 10 being an exception) the final version is usually released when the developers are confident it is OK.  The release date can’t be that far off, but since the RC version is out,  you could probably assume weeks rather than months.

  4. I have no problem moving a group of selected messages from my Inbox to a storage folder using either an IMAP/Hotmail account or an Exchange/Hotmail account.  I can move them by dragging or right click > Move to folder.  Are you using version 26055? If you could provide more details, perhaps someone can assist.

Hi John,
if you are using the BETA you should be able to contact
Of noone is available to assist you, you can describe your problems here on the forum.
Always make sure you have the latest BETA or, in this case, the RC version available on our blog.

As for the issues you mention:
1, I am not sure what you want to do with the deleted email other than move it to trash, can you elaborate what you need to do and on which account?
2, All available skins are in Tools>Settings>Appearance>Themes section. With the nex version we even added 2 new skin options. You can however make your own the same way you could in version 6 by going to the Advanced option>Save the current theme and then edit the colors in any text editor.
3, John above is correct, we will release the final product when it’s stable. The latest version is our RC - release candidate, so we are closing in :slight_smile:
4,I’d need to know what account and what version does this happen on, as this should not be a problem and I cannot replicate this issue.