New Account

I am trying to set up an account in eM. The account is set up and works to sownload messages from the server. and reveive messages but when i try to reply to a message or send a new message it says that i have no account set up??? What do i have to do to get the new account i have just set up to show in the reply and new mail windows???



what version do you use? Also can you make screenshot of this and check if you do have in reply window near from your account mail?


Thanks for the response…I have version 5 and its up to date. I figured it out.,…what I needed to do was not let the program set up my account automatically…that way it asks for both the incoming and outgoing servers. When I did that it recognized my account as valid and everything is fine. Might be a good idea to mention somewhere that not all email accounts will work with the automatic setting…



can you tell me what email account provider do you use? Automatic setup sometimes does not work but if there is any provider for which it does not work at all then we would like to know about it.