New account "password required..."

I downloaded the free Emclient just fine, and made it through the 1st 2 steps…but now it seems to be stuck on the “Password Required for [my email.]” The little circle has been going round and round for 15 minutes…that certainly can’t be attributed to my slow-ish connection! Can anyone help? I’d really like to set it up to see if it’ll meet my needs in the long run.

If you have entered your password and its stuck there, could be its now wanting a eg: Browser authorization depending on what sort of email account. See if there is a browser authorization window popped up in the background or prompting on the taskbar flashing wanting you to press something.

Thanks so much…but of course, 10 minutes after I sent this email, the main window popped up, and all is fine. Sigh. It’s like calling he refrigerator repair person: they get there, and the darned thing is working perfectly! :smile:

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You might want to try:

(1) Uninstall eMC
(2) Download eMC file from the eMC web site
(3) Completely disable any VPN, anti-virus, firewall, or proxy
(4) Reinstall eMC