"New account connection errors handling" - Broken?

Dear emclient team,

ever since version 7.2.36465.0 and higher I seem to have the issue that suddenly one or the other of my IMAP email account stops synchronizing permanently. Neither “repairing” the respective folders nor deleting and re-adding the accounts does help: The folders stay empty or only very few emails show up.

But I know for sure that it’s not an issue with the provider or the internet connection, as other mail clients synchronize just fine on the same machine. After reverting emclient to version 7.2.35595.0 everything is back to normal and the emails pour in, which leads me to the suspicion that the new “account connection errors handling” (introduced in 7.2.36465.0) might be to blame.

Are there known issues with this new feature? Could it be that emclient erroneousy assesses itself as being not connected while it certainly is (or should be)?


Yes, some things were broken after 7.2.35595, especially in 7.2.36465, though 7.2.36908 seems to be on the way to having them fixed again.

If the latest is not working for you, go back to 7.2.35595 and don’t update again till the next release.

All released versions can be found in the Release History.