Neverending reminder/event loop behavior

hey all, I have some behavior that happens every once in a while and is really annoying. I get a reminder for a call that I am already on, say a meeting invite. It keeps reminding me even if I snooze or dismiss. It pops the meeting up and says something about it already passing. I close it and it pops up again and again, sometimes 10x times with a notification chime no matter what. If I close emclient, it restarts to show me this reminder. I have had to use task manager to kill emclient to get past this. Does anyone know if this is a known issue with the latest 8.x on windows?

Could be if you are using an eg: IMAP, Exchange or iCloud calendar event / reminder the local eM Client account has possibly gone out of sync with your online calendar so not clearing the reminder even when you dismiss it. Some calendars have the repair option available.

Try repairing your calendar if you have that option available, via “right clicking” on the word Calendar under your Calendar account and click “Properties” at the bottom. Then click the “Repair” tab at the tip and try running the repair. Example Outlook ( Calendar repair option below.


Thanks, gave that a try! We’ll see if it fixes it.

This is still happening on O365 with v9. I had it happen yesterday. I left the meeting invite up, then had the meeting. During the meeting it gave me never ending reminders. I closed them and another would pop. I then killed EMclient, and another one popped up, which then loaded emclient back up and it got stuck for about 20 more iterations.