Never loads emails

Every time I try this email client, never loads my current Outlook, hotmail emails. Loads all old emails from WLM but nothing current. Has my login and password info but states Hotmail/Outlook must be POP3 or IMAP and outgoing SMTP email services enabled???

Rather than importing your account details from Outlook or WLM, add the accounts yourself. To do that go to Menu > Accounts then click on the Add account button.

Once the accounts are setup in eM Client, and are working, you can selectively import any local data from your other email clients.

That will import just the messages and contacts, but not the account login information.

Did that… thats where I get the error message.

Best option.
Create an account with POP3 protocol. Stop using IMAP ( except when you are a multi mobile device user)

And how does that relate to the import issue Bob is having?

IMAP is controlled and ruled by the provider. With POP3 you avoid wrong emails retrieval.
To create POP3 account you go with create account - mail - other. Otherwise only IMAP is supported by EM ckient.

That is nonsense, but anyway, you did not answer my question.

Bob has an issue importing data from another application. How does selecting which protocol to use later on have any reference to his question?

Its inconceivable to me that one of the largest email clients, Microsoft Outlook, will not import successfully to this software. There should be no changes on my part. It has my login credentials.

The login credentials has nothing to do with the import in the way I specified. That is why I said to import selected data as per my screen-shot. That has nothing to do with your credentials or other account settings. It simply imports the messages, contacts or events you specify in the dialogue.

Please re-read my comment and see if that helps any.

The way I originally installed emClient was exactly as your screen shot shows. All of the folders from
Outlook installed correctly. What emClient does not do is get any new emails in INBOX.

Went ahead and created NEW ACCOUNT even though it appeared that the account was allready there. All my folders and contents were there except INBOX and under accounts it showed my email and I had loaded my password so I saw no need to create a NEW account. However after creating a new account with the same info that was already there it loaded my INBOX. Very strange setup procedure. SO for the time being it appears to be working now.

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That is because my screenshot is only for importing data, not account settings.

Go to Menu > Accounts and that is where you add the accounts. If there are any there already, remove them and then add them again by clicking on the Add account button. You then enter your email address in the Automatic Setup and follow the instructions.

That is probably because you imported the account details from Outlook or WLM, whichever you are using. Just delete it so only the new one you created is there.