Never Ending Synchronization

My ISP / email provider (Consolidated Communications) recently updated their email system (web interface). They said that this would not affect anyone using an email client on their computer, but it has caused problems with my eM Client version 8.2.1237. Since the ISP upgrade, eMClient never finishes synchronizing. The ‘wheel’ icon on that email account just keeps spinning endlessly. When I look at the ‘Show Operations’ option on the ‘Refresh’ pull-down button, it shows that it is synchronizing the inbox. However, there are only four email in the inbox! I’ve checked this with the online version, and the same four emails show up there. When I look at the ‘Errors’ tab under ‘Show Operations’, there are no errors listed. The ‘Log’ tab shows that it started the Inbox synchronization time, but it never completes.

I’ve deleted this email account from eM Client, and then re-added it, but this does not correct the behavior. Any suggestions on what else I can try? Thanks for any help you can provide.