Never ending synchronization prevents new emails from being downloaded

When I launch the client, new emails populate properly immediately. Once that’s complete, it goes through a round of syncing each folder, then “All Mail”, then it starts over again. It does this endlessly, which also has the added effect of never downloading new emails when it’s in this loop. 

In order to get new emails, I need to close the client, and reopen it. Basically, it makes the client completely useless. 

In the options, I’ve disabled “Synchronize items at startup” and “Synchronize items ever X minutes”, however the client ignored these and attempts to constantly sync anyways. 

This client is pointless if I cannot receive emails while it’s open, every other client I’ve used (gauging eM Client as a replacement for Mailbird, which works fine) has no problems, so this is eM Client not Gmail.

Thanks for the help!

Hello Zak,

I would like to test this issue. Please let me know what version of eM Client do you have so I can take a look at it. Also let me know which email accounts you have set.


did you manage to deal with that?

Hi Iza,

Unfortunately, I didn’t receive a reply with the details I needed for testing. Just let me know the version of eM Client and accounts you have configured incl. the protocols (IMAP/POP3/EWS). You can also send it to my email: [email protected].