Nested Public Folders

We are looking at alternatives to Outlook as it doesnt seem to be work too well with Exchange Online with regard to public folders. Adding these was quite simple with EM Client when compared to Outlook, however nesting doesn’t seem to work, I would have thought this would be essential.

If it is possible and i’m missing the obvious it would be appreciated if you could point me in the right direction

Nested folder should be accessible in the Tools>Accounts>‘Mail,Calendar,Contacts’ tab under the Public folders. Or are you having problem subscribing to these folders?
If so, can you screenshot the Public folder structure you see inside eM Client and the one you see inside the Account setting for Public folder?


Olivia, thank you for your reply, however they are only nested for subscription purposes. If you subscribe to a top level folder the folders below arent accesible. You have to subscribe to each individually and then they are all simply listed in a flat structure.

Hi AL,
I discussed your question with our developers and apparently this is a designed feature to make the folders more accessible (and apparently, Outlook deals with Nesting the same way).
This might, of course, work for some users and not for others. I’ll mark this down to the list of changes to consider for next updates.


I agree with Al, having a replica of Outlook Folder structure seems a better option than having all the nested folders at the same level.  This will be even more confusing with multiple nested folders.  It will look like everything is all jumbled, not to mention sub folders of the same name as a different parent.  Having worked with Exchange Server for many years, I’ve never seen Outlook or Outlook Web behave the way Olivia describes.

I’m also seeing an issue where only one of the nested folders is displayed, for me only the last subscribed to folder under a top level folder appears.